About Activity In YUKI

Activities to experience the beauty of water

About an hour’s drive from Hiroshima City brings you to Yuki Town. This is where Ota River starts flowing. The clear water that reflects the trees shining in beautiful hues of green and blue is what characterizes our town Yuki. The sweetfish in the river is consistently recognized as one of the best kinds we have in Japan.

We are here to provide you with river trekking and hiking activities. The clear water of the river flows down through Hiroshima City and joins the Seto Inland Sea. Completing the cycle, the water turns into clouds in the sky and blesses us as it rains down on our woods and fields.

Becoming one
with the earth

We let the flow of the river take us downwards. Just let yourself float there. We hike the mountain all the way to its summit feeling the ground underneath our feet.

Breathing in the fresh air, we feel completely relaxed from the core of our body.

We take it for granted that we breathe and we live with other living things. This realization makes your life so much richer.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and our daily routine, why don’t we let ourselves be embraced by nature and feel part of the earth we live on.

Guides Profile

  • Ryota Sato (Nickname Ton-chan)

    Attracted by the local hot springs and natural environment,Moved to Yuki Town in 2014. Loves football and apparently he becomes a different person whilst watching football games! His happiest time is when he is working as a river trekking guide. Working on his English at the moment.
    From Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture


50 minutes either from Hiroshima City Centre or Miyajima Island.

Yuki Experience Centre (Yuki Koryu Taiken Center) is the meeting point.

2563-1 Tada, Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima City, 738-0721 (Open in Google Maps

Yuki Experience Center's map. About 50 minutes by car from Hiroshima City Centre. About 30 minutes by car from Itsukaichi Exit. About 50 minutes by car from Miyajima-guchi. In Hiroshima Prefecture.

By car

  • About 50 minutes from Hiroshima City Centre.
  • About 30 minutes from Itsukaichi Exit (Sanyo Expressway).
  • About 25 minutes from Togouchi Exit (Chugoku Expressway).

By train or bus

Hiroshima Station → Itsukaichi Station About 15 minutes (JR)
Atomic Bomb Dome Station → Itsukaichi Station About 35 minutes (Hiroshima Dentetsu Line)
→ About 70 minutes from Itsukaichi Station South Exit (Hiroshima Dentetsu Bus)
→ Get off at the last stop “Yuki Lodge Mae”