EV Buggy×Bushcraft

Yuki Survival Retreats

A two-day camping tour with EV buggies and bushcraft to sharpen the five senses and restore human essentiality. Contents: ATVs on forest roads, bushcraft experience, outdoor dinner, sauna, sunrise hiking, etc.

Price 60,000 JPY
(incl. English guide, meals, gears, insurance, Onten ticket)
Time 10am to 11am the following day.
Things to bring Dispensable clothes, Hiking shoes

EV Buggu Experience

・Test drive:Easy experience on site - 15min 1,000JPY
・Rental Buggy:Drive freely in the town - 3h 6,000JPY, 6h 10,000JPY
・Buggy Tour:Aim for a spectacular view of the summit - 4h 35,000JPY(incl. English guide, lunch, insurance, Onsen ticket)

Bushcraft Experience

Experience bushcraft techniques in nature! You can use it in your daily life, camping and in times of disaster.
Contens: Lecture, peg making, rope work, make a fire/bonfire, shelter building, lunch making

Price 11,000JPY
(incl. English guide, lunch, insurance, Onsen ticket)
Time 10.30am - 3.30pm

For inquiries about the implementation of this tour, please contact us from the following link.