Becoming one with the Earth
In Water Town Yuki

Yuki is often called a hidden resort of Hiroshima.

Tucked away even further away from the ancient hot spring town,
there you will find a spring, the source of Ota River that runs through Hiroshima City.

Ever so clear, the color of the water is like a jade with its beautiful blue and green hues.

Breathe in gently and feel the cycle of the earth where water flows into the sea, which then evaporates and turns into clouds. Now you are ready to start a very unique and special journey with us!

River Trekking
- Outback Hiroshima -

In the light that filters through the branches of the trees, go up the river against the current. We believe that being in awe with the beauty of nature and experiencing a tiny bit of fear in face of its great power brings you this wonderful feeling of being one with it.

Hiking course

Our goal is to go up to the summit at 1,050 m. Going up listening to the birds chirping and bugs singing feeling the heartbeat of animals there. The view that awaits you at the top will surely be one you will never forget.

Sightseeing in Hiroshima Yuki